International English Qualifications The IEQ Suite

What teachers say...

'It's a practical exam.'
'I like the fact that there is less emphasis on grammar.'
'The procedure of the exams is made clear... the students know what they will be asked the day of the exam.'
'It's good that the students know the interlocutor.'
'The exam emphasizes the communicative aspect.'
'We like that they are very lively and not so academic.'
'It's great!'
'It's definitely a good exam!'

International English Qualifications

City & Guilds International English Qualifications (IEQs) are a range of quality English language awards designed for those who need English for work, study, travel or teaching.

They are recognised by employers, educational institutions and professional bodies worldwide. Our IEQs offer maximum flexibility and give training providers the opportunity to design their learners' progression towards language and communication proficiency in the skills and areas that they need.

Centres and candidates can choose exams from our three suites of IEQs: General English, Business English and English Teaching qualifications.