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Give your students exam confidence! City & Guilds IESOL and SESOL Student Books build their English skills and prepare them for the exam at the same time. There's a book for each level, and every book is packed with exam style tasks and test practice exercises.

Teacher's Books are specially designed to show you everything your students see, plus the answers, as well as offering many helpful teaching tips and a clear syllabus guide. Recordings give listening practice and serve as models of natural spoken English. This complete package will help you ensure your students are fully prepared.

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Sample papers

Sample papers give your students a chance to practise taking a City & Guilds International ESOL or International Spoken ESOL exam before they do it for real. This helps them (and you) to know which areas they need to improve. The sample papers are available to order from City & Guilds as a six CD set. The set contains two sample papers for each level.

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Online learning portal

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SmartScreen is City & Guilds' online support system for tutors, assessors and learners. SmartScreen currently offers over 42,000 pages of dedicated support materials for more than 112 City & Guilds qualifications including those designed to support both tutors and learners of the International ESOL qualification across all 6 levels. SmartScreen complements the entire teaching and learning experience.

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