We are a team of new media producer-developers with wide-ranging combined experience and complementary skills in web development, learning materials production, writing, authoring, systems training, digital projects consultancy.


I am a new media producer-developer with extensive experience of scoping, managing and delivering online and e-learning projects.

My background is in systems development and training. I have a BSc in Business Information Systems and a Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Aided Design. I have been working in the e-learning and multimedia sectors since 1997 and producing websites and online systems and since 2000.

I am an experienced technical consultant with an information systems, IA, process and quality assurance focus. I have briefed and supported hundreds of users and developed many user guides, technical manuals and system similations.

I have delivered projects involving writing and commissioning content, editing and typesetting learning materials, user guides and documentation, internal communications, instruction manuals, website content and project proposals. I have created e-learning, e-learning scripts, production systems, system simulations and prototypes.

I have set up, configured, applied art direction, and tested learning management systems for Britannia, BUPA, NTL telewest, Marks & Spencer, UFI, Europcar, Ontrack among others.

I have advanced Excel production skills and can create detailed macros to programme MS Office. My learning sector clients include NCFE, City & Guilds, Kineo and Brightwave, Caspian delivering learning projects for Barclays bank, Bertelsmann.

I manage several servers and over a hundred online installations on Content Management Systems.


I am an experienced and adaptable digital content manager and strategist, writer, consultant and trainer. I have created websites, production templates and language blueprints for the consistent tone and presentation of materials in on- and offline contexts. I frequently brief other writers, developers and graphic designers on behalf of my clients.

I have advanced Word and PowerPoint production skills. I troubleshoot, design and build MS Office production systems and templates for large corporates. I have trained and supported hundreds of Word users to expert level and developed user guides and internal communication materials to support effective implementation. I have a highly developed ability to render art direction and house style. I work in a way which empowers businesses to be self-reliant in the use of my tailor-made tools.

I have been working in materials production 2002 and making websites, marketing materials, e-learning and online content since 2005. I have been supporting media and communications strategy and implementation for a wide range of businesses since 2009.

I am experienced in writing, commissioning, researching, editing and typesetting marketing materials, learning materials, user guides and documentation, internal communications, instruction manuals, assessments and assignments, social media and website content and project proposals. I have provided solutions architecture and project consultancy to teams overseeing internal and external communications.

My clients include NCFE, City & Guilds, Kineo, Pearson, Brightwave, Barclays, BP, Capita, Lloyds Banking Group, Nespresso and the Government of Romania, along with many other small private companies and public sector organisations.

Our network

We enjoy collaborating with a broad range of graphic designers, project managers and coders. We manage our own servers supported by the one-and-only Conny Dittmann of Geeks2Rent.